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Nov 20, 2013 2:30am PST
but not a whole lot. s&p logged its first two day decline of the entire month. steve sedgwick live for us in london. >> those minutes every is looking at plus have a look at campbell's soup and best buy. tesla shares down by about a third. and there an investigation into the model s sedan. the company has said we welcome the investigation. it could lead to recall potentially. but the company is also in the meantime put a software patch on the group so that at highway speeds, there is higher ground clearance which is one of the accusations labeled at the automobile. elsewhere where, yahoo! boosting its share buy back program by $5 million. marissa mayer is looking at new ways to reinvent the company even looking at a new head of design. >> so there is a study that says americans hate going to work more than any other country in the world? that's search not true with "morning joe". >> no, no well, if you look at "morning joe" and way too early, 100% of producers. >> absolutely. >> something to do with the love working with the anchor. anyway, but this survey only 7 countries. if you're came
Nov 22, 2013 2:30am PST
above the 16,000 mark. steve sedgwick live for us in london. >> good day to you. the markets are looking good after those previous losses earlier in the week. just redressing the balance somewhat for the bulls. but investor confidence not good in the politicians. no one seemed to come out at the latest global investors survey. the president's approval ratings have fallen to 38% from previous 50%. it's worse for the republicans, as well, down to away about 19% from the previous late september 28%. democrats in the house pretty much where they were before around about 30%. what is interesting is 52% of respond departme respondents say another shutdown is expected. >>> talking to bank of america, deutsche bank and barclays about getting funding together for a bid for time warner. no guarantees that any bid will materialize, but charter is backed by media and he's talked previously about the desperate need for more consolidation. so if they get the funding, there may be another tilt at twc before the end of the reayear. >> so tell me about hydro again fuel celled vehicles and whether it's a
Nov 7, 2013 5:30am EST
because twitter's gone public. steve sedgwick live for us in london. do people think this is going to pop huge at the open or what? >> reporter: well, it's popped huge before the open as well. they raised the price twice, brian. what's interesting is what led the dow higher yesterday, really old tech, microsoft trading at highest level in 12 years. now it's all about twitter, which upped its price target twice. $26 per share is the ipo price. they could have sold this twice over. it's valuing the company pretty highly. $18 billion is the valuations. there are caveats out there. some people slightly concerned. it doubles its revenue to 168 million u.s. dollars. year on year tripled its losses. a company very high valued still losing $164 million in the last quarter. in other struggling websites looking at potential merger, henry blodget, nothing coming out of it yet. would they like a full collaboration? they were just having breakfast, denton and blodget. >> two big brands and names in the business. when was the last time you walked out of your flat and went to the movie store and went a
Nov 1, 2013 2:30am PDT
the market is looking to recover from a pretty disappointing halloween,dices c the red. steve sedgwick live for us in london. steve, good morning. >> hello there. yeah, the market had a very good month in october. s&p up over 23% for the year, up over 4% in the month of october. so, yes, they gave back a bit of ground, but it wasn't a great fright. elsewhere really interesting stories. 23 million homes plus, 47 million americans plus, are actually recipients of food stamps and they will get a benefit cut today. it will be around about 36 bucks out of the 275 monthly benefit per household which will be cut, but there is a multiplier effect. which means it has a two to one effect in many cases. so if you lose $5 billion worth of benefits, that can have a $10 billion effect on the u.s. economy. so real concerns there about what those benefit cuts mean across the united states. elsewhere, a bit of good news for people who have been reluctant up until now to put money toward flexible spending arguments for health care. basically use it or lose it was the old mantra. now it seems the irs and trea
Nov 5, 2013 2:30am PST
yesterday across the board. just 23 points in the dow jones industrial average. steve sedgwick live for us in london. good morning, steve. >> hey, good to see you today. the dow and s&p were up a smidgen, but we saw falling heavily. the long-running s.e.c. saga looks to be drawing to an end. steven cohen's group has pled guilty to a host of charges. it will pay fines and forfeitures around $1.8 billion and will no longer manage money for outsiders. the war of words, though, between the u.s. attorney in manhattan and mr. cohen goes on. he's basically saying it was a handful of men who pleaded guilty and whose conduct gave rise to sac's liability. the manhattan attorney for his part says substantial and pervasive insider trading was going on on a scale without preceden precedence. the war of words continues. >> it's a huge number, but no individual guilt. on twitter, a pew research center poll looked at not only how we use twitter, but who uses twitter, and it's pretty interesting. >> yeah, it is. and it's very interesting for the likes of you, who is a news man who tweets as well. 18 to 29-
Nov 6, 2013 2:30am PST
down about five points. steve sedgwick live for thus morning. >> a lot of expectation towards the employment report at the end of the week. six fewer days between thanksgiving and christmas that means retailers could lose $1.5 billion over the key holiday season. that said, the national retail federation thinks sales will be up 4% this year. online sales up about 15%. elsewhere, elite graduates from business schools, harvard business school, looks like they're looking more at tech than finances. harvard business school says 18% of job-seeking students landed tech sector spots this year, that's up from 12% in 2012. those same graduates, only 27% of them took jobs in finance, that's down from 35% last year. the remuneration, total package in finance is way higher in finance than in tech. >> burger king trying to crack the dominance of the big mac? >> yeah. it's all about the all-important -- it's the third bun. it's the bun in the middle. this is culled the big king. it looks remarkably like the big mac. it has two all-beef patties, three buns now. also lettuce, white onions, pi
Nov 25, 2013 2:30am PST
with iran as one of the world's largest reserves. steve sedgwick is live this morning. good morning. >> yeah. very good morning you to, brian. interesting that the price reaction is a couple bucks down on world benchmark. the u.s. benchmark trading a little lower as well. what is important to note is that the iranians will not be putting more into the market, it's frozen between 9.9 million barrels and 22.2 barrels in the day. the saudis are also a little upset. they have the iranians at 150 billion barrels of reserve. that means the current 1 million could go up two, three, four, five, six, even start challenging that $10 million barrels a day. that's why they're concerned here as well. airline prices are going up. a lot of seats being taken out domestically. cincinnati the worst hit. prices have increased 26% nationwide between '05 and 2013. >> the days where i could lie flat across three empty seats are over. they're always full. listen, every year it seems people expect very little from consumers in the u.s. and they end up spending a ton. this year there is a lot of caution around the h
Nov 8, 2013 2:30am PST
152 points. steve, good morning. >> it was one of those head scratching days. was it down because of earnings or because we have come so far or gdp figures were better than some expected which means we are likely to get it earlier rather than later. is it being pumped in by the feds? twitter, how do you deal with a sunt like twitter? 73% increase on the debut. up to $44, the valuation now is an eye watering $31 billion. they have 8% the revenues of facebook. elsewhere, credit rating went to aa. high unemployment is hurting the country's ability to make meaningful reforms on tax and structure issues. >> we talk about twit eanother darling stock. they are having more problems with tesla. >> yeah, the third fire in one of these tesla new sedans. the model s. the shares came off 7.5% yesterday. they came off 14%. people are nervous about this one because it's come so far. take a look at where it was trading one year ago. it was trading just under 30 bucks. stock is now trading, even with the force of the last two days at $139. it is up, year to date, 313%. >> depends on where you boug
Nov 15, 2013 2:30am PST
." >> definitely stephen colbert. sheer brilliance. >> steve carell. >> and we also have chris said kelsey grammer from cheers to frazier falls into seattle. >> he was solid. a lot of good once out there. let's leave you as we head into "morning joe" "morning joe" wit from robin williams. >> remember me mork from ork. you once called me the nutso from outer space. >> i think i'm dreaming something like that, you know. ♪ >> people look at what's taken place in washington and they say not enough is getting done to help me with my life. and regardless of what congress does i'm the president of the united states and they expect me to do something about it. i think it's legitimate for me to win back some credibility
Nov 19, 2013 2:30am PST
high. we want to go out the cnbc in london right now. good morning, steve. >> about 16,000. karl icahn scared a lot of investors. tesla was down. twitter was down as was facebook. jpmorgan could be set to announce a deal with the department of justice to settle civil liabilities. that one could be a $13 billion settlement. >>> all right. you know so much fascination about bit coin and what the future of currency is. we will start getting regulation over these type of currency? >> well, the concern is that these could be used by traffickers, all kind of criminals. people are confused. even the senator in charge of the homeland security, government affairs said look it's confused the heck out of us. when you have a dollar bill you know what you're going to get. it's signs by treasury secretary. with a bit coin it's an algorythmic currency. this thing has gone ballistic. >> it was up to 900. currency has value if everyone uses it and assigns a value to it. once they don't the value can just plummet. fascinating to see what money will look like if anything. good to see you have a u.s. doll
Nov 27, 2013 2:30am PST
is better than expected housing report. there's a five-year high. steve sedgwick, good morning. >> yeah. the kay shiler home price was the real -- wrels we saw potentially the report coming out, and they could charge consumers for parking money on deposit. this is a long shot. the fed in its most recent chat talked about potentially charging banks. banks having zero interest rates, and consumers may be tied on deposit. it is a long shot. waiting for the banks to turn around and said no, that's not the case as well. men's warehouse turning the tables in a bid for -- basically when you are the acquirer, if you get acquired, this is called the patent house. 1980s. >> yeah. i actually have a retro little joy stick game of trying to teach my kids how to play pack man. speaking of games, do you have on your iphone and ipad, is it there a game you're a little ashamed to have on it? >> where he. but it's not candy crush. >> what is it, though? can you tell me? >> it's tetris. >> still? >> minesweeper. these are the most basic games. >> well, tell me about candy crush because these games come in
Nov 12, 2013 2:30am PST
they are a great excuse to have gummies. >> we had some votes for flint stones. steve, i have grandparents who are 77 and 90 and never took vitamins. should i start now? you want to see our news block i'll push it out on facebook and twitter right after the show. "morning joe" starts right now. >>> chris christie appeared on all four sunday shows to talk about how much he didn't want to talk about the presidential race. >> governor, how interested are you in running for president in 2016? >> well, chris, what i'm interested in doing is be the governor of new jersey. what i'm focused on is doing my job in new jersey. time governor of new jersey. for me i'm the governor of new jersey and my job is to run
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)